Established January 2012

        Our concept began during travels to the wine regions of the world.  From Ribera del Duero in Spain to Healsburg California in Sonoma to Bordeaux France, we not only took the time to discover wine but to enjoy a culinary journey.  In the process we discovered some incredible dishes and brought them home to share with Family and Friends.  

        The concept is simple enough, recreate the cuisine from the restaurant we experienced and pair it with an incredible bottle of wine.  To create a place where one could enjoy an incredible meal and great bottle of wine without feeling robbed.  

        A new concept is conceived, Alberico Fine Wine a retail wine shop that just so happens to have a restaurant.  In the process we offered our Family and Friends the ability to purchase a bottle of wine from our wine cellar at a  retail price and take it home or enjoy it for dinner at the same price.  No corkage fee.  No over the top prices.  With this mind set we followed form with our cuisine and our beer prices.  We created in the words of one of our patrons, “a five star restaurant with a blue collar price tag.”  

        "We are a culinary experience.  We offer and encourage people to smile, to laugh, to live.  We have taken the time to create something special because in the end you are special and deserve to be treated as such.  The best thing about memories is creating them and thats what we are all about." 

-Rick Ramos


      OPENING HOURS      



SATURDAY: 10am - 2pm BRUNCH  |  4pm - 10 DINNER

SUNDAY: 10am - 2pm BRUNCH


1600 N. 10th Street  |  McAllen, TX 78501

5221 McCullough Ave  |  Olmos Park, TX 78212