All You Need To Know About Peter Cedeno.

Cedeño Law Group never ever developed, and given his role and the inherent power imbalance in the relationship could never develop, a consensual sexual relationship with Atesa. And surprisingly, rather Cedeño sexually attacked Atesa.

The sexual hostility, the deliberate delays which came before it, and the careful barrier with Anthony’s and Atesa’s efforts to solve have actually triggered the Litigants to suffer huge sentimental and financial damages. Undoubtedly, Cedeño’s constant dabbling his client, and his mission to develop a sexual relationship with her, make evident that he positioned his specific private passions in front of those of his at danger client, a breach of his fiduciary commitments.

Cedeño, a relied on fiduciary when it pertained to a great deal of these kinds of concerns, emphasized his potential to get advantageous results for Atesa. Cedeño made use of particularly personal private details and facts found in the context of the attorney-client relationship, not to promote Atesa’s genuine interests however in an ultimately successful effort to develop a sexual relationship together with Atesa.

Atesa utilized Peter Cedeño to represent her in a divorce proceeding opposing Anthony at a period of time when Atesa was especially insecure, both emotionally and financially. She handled, inter alia, a pending divorce proceeding, possible loss of kid custody, a criminal matter originating from a recent detention for assault in regarding to the divorce proceeding, and a then-ongoing AIR CONDITIONER probe that threatened her relationship with the kid.

To even further this goal Cedeño stalled the procedures, lying to the courthouse and to the parties at the same time. He utilized the blockages he wrongfully created in order to get closer directly to Atesa. And Cedeño’s endeavours to advance a sensual partnership with Atesa only heightened after Cedeño learnt that the Litigants were trying to reconcile.

Cedeño and his law company need to be presumed responsible for sexual assault/battery, dereliction of fiduciary responsibility, transgressions of Judiciary Law 487, deliberate infliction of psychological and mental distress, and loss of consortium, and be required to pay for commensurate outright and countervailing damages.

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